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Web centrix enables you to use your website, email, sms messaging, electronic catalogues and similar tools to effectively increase customer awareness about your products and services in an innovative way. Our mobile and web platform allows you to effectively transact, communicate and aquire feedback about your product or services.

Our value preposition to you is the ability to give you an effective, affordable and simple internet and mobile presence to increase customer awareness and sales. Furthermore, we integrate the best way to aquire and analyse operational intelligence from your website and sms feedback systems.

Combining years of experience on top of vision, knowledge, and skills - Web centrix is able to deliver web-based solutions that derive greater value from our client's online investments. If our solution for your business is not measurably profitable , our services are free.

Our aim is to connect Africa. Starting with the SADC region, we will harvest on innovations best suited to develop business and communication in Africa. We aim to have a footprint both in the commercial as well as grassroots service to nature total social changes for generations to come through effective connectivity.
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Openmarket is mobile and web based trade platform that enables buyers and sellers to connect via mobile phones using sms and via the Internet.
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Smschannel allows for businesses and individuals to effectively use sms (text messages) effectively for business transactions.
learnsmart.co.zw - a local education content based resource network to improve education delivery with innovative new educational tools.
openmarket.co.zw - a regional mobile commodity market platform for broadcasting of market information and data.

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